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AUGUST 2018 - Mark and Natanie's Reception now available on newstands!

Danny Ray

“…dancing under the dazzling chandeliers to the exceptional music of the insanely talented DANNY RAY and the ACOUSTIC PRODUCTION—the most energetic band in town!”

In August we played Mark and Natanie’s wedding reception at The Dunlavy. It’s hard to say what it was that brought so much out of the band. Maybe it was the incredible video and photos showcasing their epic private-ceremony in Slovenia the month before. Maybe it was the elegant nature of The Dunlavy’s chandeliers. Whatever it was, the band just. went. off. Our friends with Ama by Aisha were there to capture some incredible moments and we’re excited to announce that a full write-up will be available in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Weddings in Houston Magazine!


First Dance | “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

Memorable Songs/Moments | Our classic hip-hop mashup, “Nice for What” by Drake, Siah’s showstopper of setting the bass on the floor and playing a solo, Kelby sitting down and playing trumpet at one of the side tables, too many to count!


Venue | The Dunlavy

Band Size | 8-piece band

Coordinator | Fabulous Beginnings by Delcina

Florals | Secret Floral Garden

Photographer | Ama by Aisha

From the Spring/Summer 2019 Weddings in Houston Magazine:

“Adventurous, travel-loving Natanie and Mark, who met while skydiving, and committed to marrying while boating on the Vltava River in Prague, decided to wed on a private ceremony on a secluded island in the center of Slovenia’s breathtaking Lake Bled. ‘The first time I saw Lake Bled and the beautiful island situated in the middle of the emerald water, I knew it was where we would be married,’ says Natanie. Houston photographer Aisha Khan of Ama by Aisha beautifully captured the couple’s unique ceremony, which began with a dramatic arrival by boat. Per tradition, the groom carried his silent bride up 99 steps, before the pair entered the island’s ancient church to exchange their vows. The couple’s reception at The Dunlavy a month later offered a chance for the bride and groom to cut loose and celebrate with family and friends, with hometown musical tour-de-force DANNY RAY and the ACOUSTIC PRODUCTION as the evening’s entertainment. “We partied the night away,” recounts Natanie, “dancing under the dazzling chandeliers to the exceptional music of the insanely talented DANNY RAY and the ACOUSTIC PRODUCTION—the most energetic band in town!”


Danny Ray

October-November 2017 represented a weekly raising of the bar for the most high-energy events we played! Beginning in October we had the highest-energy event we had ever played and it seemed that each following week topped the one prior.

Here’s a few highlights:

October 7 - Centennial Gardens - This group partied so hard. We’d been finished playing for 15-minutes and a guest was still talking to CJ (drums) and shaking his head and saying, “I can’t believe how good you are!”

October 14 - Junior League - Jenna and Michael wanted a classic vibe for their wedding and nothing but older soul and Motown songs. We gave it to them! We organically fell into a 10-minute funk mashup where at one point Quincy had lifted one half of his keyboard in the air with one hand whilst soloing with the other.

October 20 - Shirley Acres - ummmm, did we end up playing some Nirvana and AC/DC for Vallery and Jordan’s reception? Oh yes. Yes we did.

October 21 - Tremont House - The most fun we had had to date. Favorite moment might’ve been singing “We Are Young” by Fun. with Megan (the bride) and her sorority sisters singing along soooo excitedly. Also in the mid of “No Diggity” a guest put their phone in Danny’s face to show that the Astros had defeated the Yankees and asked him to announce it … Megan’s extended family had all traveled to New York. We announced it tastefully (but we were happy)

October 23-24 - Marriott Marquis Itron Corporate Event - Imagine the type of event that Apple hosts when they announce the new iPhones. This felt close. The band was set up in front of a 150-foot video wall and after playing a 30-minute set before the presentation, stayed on stage and played some introductory music as each featured speaker was announced to the stage.

November 4 - The Corinthian - Morgan and Nathan’s wedding was everything! It’s hard to pick a favorite moment: Getting to sing all the unique songs for the ceremony (“With a Little Help from My Friends” for the bridal party?), the glitter cannons going off in “Don’t Stop Belivin,” the incredible design, the 10-piece band with the perfect setlist for the group? If we had to pick one it was the moment we started playing “Waltz in A” (otherwise known as the song they play when the host is saying, “So that’s our show” at the end of SNL) right as they were about to leave for the getaway car and Morgan coming up, tears running down her cheeks, and thanking the band.

November 10 - The Laurels (Beaumont) - We were inside the reception room and the weather was perfect this night. The bar was located in an outside courtyard so we thought it might be a bit of a struggle to keep people inside and dancing. We were wrong. They partied until the very end.

November 11 - Beckendorff Farms - The bride mentioned to Danny on the phone that she’s a huge fan of Disney and Broadway musicals (and had selected “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid to be played as they left the ceremony). Danny got a little more information on what type of Broadway musicials … and unprompted, she mentioned that one of her favorites was Phantom of the Opera. It just so happened that we had Kristen singing with us for her wedding … who had played Christine in the Las Vegas run of Phantom for 6 years. So she performed a jaw-dropping rendition of “Think of Me” during dinner. Perfection.

November 18 - Pecan Grove - This night was just perfect. The band was so live but maybe not as much as the crowd. Sound engineer/DJ Aaron had a camera with him and shot some footage here and there which we cut together for a little highlight reel.

November 24 - Woodlands Resort and Conference Center - Tree lighting with Santa (SANTA!!!).


Danny Ray

"How lucky we are to be alive right now?"  ~Eliza Schuyler, Hamilton the Musical

Being in Houston brought many unique opportunities as well as trials this year.  Houston hosted the NACE National conference, of which we were honored to play a very big role in, we hosted Super Bowl LI and as a result, we played some incredible SB related events and parties (one of which, the musician Sting was in the adjoining room), and represented Houston for events hosted by the Houston First Foundation. As the Houston business community has grown and diversified over the last ten years, it’s made Houston a prime destination for national conferences and corporate events of which we also played several. On October 21st we were on stage mid-reception when we announced that the Astros had defeated the Yankees and were headed to the World Series. (Coincidentally, the groom’s family was from Texas and the Bride’s family was from New York.) We were driving back from an event in San Antonio during the 5-hour marathon that was Game 5 and then we watched them deliver their first-ever MLB WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP a few days later. Danny got to play a private event in the same room as the trophy.

But in looking back on 2017, the damaging impact from Hurricane Harvey (of which two band members were greatly impacted) leaves a big mark in defining the year. As bad as it was and as powerless as it felt while it felt like it would never end, the experience brought out a lot of true character. It took everyone coming together to handle the cleanup (which is still ongoing). As a band we mucked out some homes, donated our generator to cleanup efforts, and played two charity events to raise funds for recovery as well as a set at George R. Brown a few days after for those that were displaced.

In the end, we feel very fortunate to be a part of the Houston Small Business community, event community, and overall, just proud Houstonians!


Danny Ray

We were very excited to celebrate “Weddings in Houston Magazine” 30th Anniversary Gala and Client Appreciation event at The Corinthian in September. We took the stage and celebrated with several other of the Houston event industry’s finest.

The evening began with a jazz set and our friend Jeff Richards from Green Leaf Film and his team helped us capture a promo video of Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight.” Since the first publication of their magazine was in 1987, our set featured a number of songs from that year and era. Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” and Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” were released that year. What a year for sing-a-longs! We also played our very-popular 10-minute “80s Mashup” and several contemporary hits.

But the highlight of the night was being joined by Wedding in Houston President (and former rocker) Vik Day who put on the guitar and shredded away.

As they put it on their press release: “30 years of brides. 30 years of grooms. 30 years of “I said, ‘Yes!'” and “It was the best night of my life!” 30 years of first looks, first dances, first newlywed kisses. 30 years of fairytale gowns and joyful tears and dreams come true.” 

SEPTEMBER 2017 - Chris & Kayla's Wedding

Danny Ray

Chris and Kayla’s wedding was such a celebration! As Hurricane Harvey caused our wedding the week before to get rescheduled, we were probably all itching a bit to get back to playing. This was evident by the amount of partying we did with everyone on the dance floor! We handled all aspects of this wedding with Josh on acoustic guitar for the ceremony, Danny playing the cocktail hour in the foyer, and the full 10-piece band for the reception.

One of our favorite things about weddings is how we can incorporate into other cultures and traditions as a part of the celebration. Before the reception began in the ballroom, there was a traditional Persian ceremony at the Sofreh table. At any breaks during the reception, sound engineer/DJ Aaron (who we lovingly refer to as DJ A-Aron) DJ’ed some Persian dance tunes.

Once the dinner was complete, they were ready to party! It was a wide-ranging set with a little country, Motown, and some top 40 and hip-hop bangers. But the highlights were definitely the 80s and 90s rock sing-a-longs, the biggest of which was ending the night with the groom serenading his new bride to Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” while a few band members jammed along on stage (something he had done at karaoke on one of their first dates … baller move).


Bridal Party Processional | “Air on the G” by Bach

Bridal Processional | “Canon in D” by Pachabel

Recessional | “Wedding March” by Mendelsohn


First Dance | “All Around You” by Sturgill Simpson

Father-Daughter Dance | “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra

Mother-Son Dance | “I’ll be There” by Jackson 5


Venue | Sugar Land Marriott Town Square

Coordination/Design | En Vogue Events

Photography | Joshua Tyi


Danny Ray

May-July of 2017 has been on an entire different level from anything we've ever done.  May had 8 big events, a couple of which were in Austin and San Antonio.  June was especially fun as we played as an 8-10-piece band most weekends and Danny spent some time in Colorado serving double duty as musician and best man at a friend's wedding.  After years of hearing best man speeches, he was really excited to give it his best!


In July, the National Association of Catering Events (NACE), of which we are proud members of the Houston chapter, held their annual national NACE Experience Conference at the Marriott Marquis in Houston.  With event professionals from across the United States coming to Houston, the Houston committee went all in with giving them an incredible showing.  We were fortunate enough to have played a part and were asked to play the opening night reception at the newly-opened Ballroom at Bayou Place.  


The show's creative director and long-time collaborator Kat Creech, brought in several types of entertainment elements; four 4-foot platforms on the dance floor with dancers on them, Cirque du Soleil-esque performers suspended in the air and serving drinks, 11 caterers, custom cocktails, the works!  We did not take on the responsibility of representing Houston lightly, and dove head-first into doing something on a completely different level from what we had ever attempted before.  The band developed an all-new 2 hour and 15-minute program for the night complete with mashups, breakdowns, choreography, and new horn parts as a 10-piece band.  The night was a whirlwind of energy and excitement and we are so excited to show you this teaser trailer of some of the fun:


Danny Ray

As much as we are driven by couple's preferences, we love deferring to our expertise about what types of songs work best to really get a room going.  Had a great opportunity to sit down with The Houston Wedding Blog and talk about "The Ultimate Wedding Setlist."  Read more here:


Danny Ray

Come see the band at two great venues this March!

Thursday 3/9/17 7:30-9:30 at Fox Hollow Houston - Playing as an 8-piece band at a great venue near Washington and Shepherd.  Always an incredible night!

Friday 3/24/17 6:30-9:30 at Hyatt Centric The Woodlands - Come check out a smaller version of the band at this great boutique hotel at The Woodlands Market Street.  It's a great intimate setting and is always a lot of fun.