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Danny Ray

October-November 2017 represented a weekly raising of the bar for the most high-energy events we played! Beginning in October we had the highest-energy event we had ever played and it seemed that each following week topped the one prior.

Here’s a few highlights:

October 7 - Centennial Gardens - This group partied so hard. We’d been finished playing for 15-minutes and a guest was still talking to CJ (drums) and shaking his head and saying, “I can’t believe how good you are!”

October 14 - Junior League - Jenna and Michael wanted a classic vibe for their wedding and nothing but older soul and Motown songs. We gave it to them! We organically fell into a 10-minute funk mashup where at one point Quincy had lifted one half of his keyboard in the air with one hand whilst soloing with the other.

October 20 - Shirley Acres - ummmm, did we end up playing some Nirvana and AC/DC for Vallery and Jordan’s reception? Oh yes. Yes we did.

October 21 - Tremont House - The most fun we had had to date. Favorite moment might’ve been singing “We Are Young” by Fun. with Megan (the bride) and her sorority sisters singing along soooo excitedly. Also in the mid of “No Diggity” a guest put their phone in Danny’s face to show that the Astros had defeated the Yankees and asked him to announce it … Megan’s extended family had all traveled to New York. We announced it tastefully (but we were happy)

October 23-24 - Marriott Marquis Itron Corporate Event - Imagine the type of event that Apple hosts when they announce the new iPhones. This felt close. The band was set up in front of a 150-foot video wall and after playing a 30-minute set before the presentation, stayed on stage and played some introductory music as each featured speaker was announced to the stage.

November 4 - The Corinthian - Morgan and Nathan’s wedding was everything! It’s hard to pick a favorite moment: Getting to sing all the unique songs for the ceremony (“With a Little Help from My Friends” for the bridal party?), the glitter cannons going off in “Don’t Stop Belivin,” the incredible design, the 10-piece band with the perfect setlist for the group? If we had to pick one it was the moment we started playing “Waltz in A” (otherwise known as the song they play when the host is saying, “So that’s our show” at the end of SNL) right as they were about to leave for the getaway car and Morgan coming up, tears running down her cheeks, and thanking the band.

November 10 - The Laurels (Beaumont) - We were inside the reception room and the weather was perfect this night. The bar was located in an outside courtyard so we thought it might be a bit of a struggle to keep people inside and dancing. We were wrong. They partied until the very end.

November 11 - Beckendorff Farms - The bride mentioned to Danny on the phone that she’s a huge fan of Disney and Broadway musicals (and had selected “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid to be played as they left the ceremony). Danny got a little more information on what type of Broadway musicials … and unprompted, she mentioned that one of her favorites was Phantom of the Opera. It just so happened that we had Kristen singing with us for her wedding … who had played Christine in the Las Vegas run of Phantom for 6 years. So she performed a jaw-dropping rendition of “Think of Me” during dinner. Perfection.

November 18 - Pecan Grove - This night was just perfect. The band was so live but maybe not as much as the crowd. Sound engineer/DJ Aaron had a camera with him and shot some footage here and there which we cut together for a little highlight reel.

November 24 - Woodlands Resort and Conference Center - Tree lighting with Santa (SANTA!!!).