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MAY 2018 - Bat Mitzvah Power Outage

Danny Ray

Black and white stage and dance floor in front of a 10-foot video wall for Abigail’s Bat Mitzvah. The room and lighting looks stunning. The band is grooving and at about minute 59 of the cocktail hour and about to go on break.

Suddenly the light changes in the room and something has changed with the sound. We still hear the drums and horns so we figure something has muted the audio channels. We soon realize it’s just the candles and wireless uplighting that is illuminating the room. We find out there are hail storms throughout Houston and they have knocked out power to the entire neighborhood.

Kat Creech comes to us and asks if there is anything we can do to stall and keep people entertained. We remembered seeing a grand piano on the way in so we roll it out to the dance floor and start playing music. We can sense the anxiety building as Abigail’s parent’s are watching this day that they’ve planned for for so long seem like it could spiral downward. Guests from all over the country have come in and power is going to be required for not only powering the sound equipment for the band, but also the video wall presentation and just keeping the second floor ballroom cool.

Kat makes calls and gets a generator that should be there in an hour or two. We pick it up and start some sing-alongs on the piano. Every band member is playing different instruments (all acoustically of course) with us switching between drums and piano while the horns play the melodies.

An hour and a half later the generator is there. We’ve been keeping it going for about 2.5 hours straight. Scott our sound engineer runs 150 feet of extension cable down the stairs to the generator to get our system back up and running. And bam! The most nerver-wracking adrenaline-filled night we’ve ever been a part of. Maybe the most clutch performances we've had and in the end a HUGE HUGE success. Thank goodness for that piano and Kat Creech for getting a generator!

Venue | Northgate Country Club

Designer | Kat Creech Events

DJ and Lighting | Bradley David Entertainment