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Acoustic Production is based in the heart of Houston, Texas and services the surrounding region.
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As a versatile band, capable of performing in several different formations, we have flexible packages to fit the entertainment needs of your event and budget. 

Investment is dependent upon the number of musicians in the band, the amount of time the band will be performing, and the day of the week.  At all events, whether there are 40 or 400 guests, we include the appropriate sized sound system as well as wireless microphones for any toasts and announcements.  For events with greater than 500 guests, we contract with a sound company to provide all front-of-the-house sound.

We offer three main packages and each wedding and reception is as unique as the couple so please contact us by phone or email for a consultation, to find out if we are a good fit, and for some proposal options.  If possible, please include the date and time of the event, the location, and what you are looking for (i.e. reception band, reception and ceremony music, additional lighting, band size etc.). 


You likely have many important things to think about when planning a reception, but when the wedding day comes, music and having a packed dance floor won't have to be one of them!  The second your guests walk into the reception they'll be greeted by some upbeat music acoustic and/or jazz music.  The horns or cello giving us a completely unique sound.  As dinner progresses, we feel the energy in the room shift and become the dance and party band that essentially will just make everyone exhausted.  This package includes four 45-minute sets (or some equivalent) of live music for a 4-5 hour reception as a 6-14-piece experiential band, DJ'ed music on any breaks, MC, stage and dance floor lighting (which greatly enhance the look of any photos or video), state-of-the-art sound system, and wireless mics for toasts or announcements.  

As a 6-piece band we play with male vocals, bass, drums, lead guitar, keys, and saxophone.  As an 8-piece band the addition of a second horn (usually trumpet) and one of our female vocalists makes the crowd interaction and sound more engaging and our trumpeter adds another level to the sound.  As a 10-piece band you have it all!  3 lead vocalists on stage (one male and two female vocalists) and adding our trombonist gives the band a full 3-piece horn section.   We've done many events over the years in all different sizes so we can also add our percussionist, additional horns, and additional vocalists by request up to a full 14-piece band.

Regardless of the band size, the wide-ranging song list is the same and can seamlessly transition from being an acoustic and/or jazzy cocktail-hour band to a high-energy dance band.  We consult with you on music styles, the order of events for the reception and how the live music sets will be divided (dinner music vs. dancing).  Danny can serve as the emcee and announce the bride and groom, dinner, toasts, etc.  Our video page includes videos showcasing the band's different styles and ability to read the room to fit one specific night.


This package expands “Your Event” with the addition of ceremony music.  20-30 minutes before the ceremony as your guests arrive, they can find their seats to our unique acoustic arrangements performed by our guitarist/vocalist, cellist, and keyboardist trio.  After the preservice they will accompany any processionals (family, bridal party, and the bridal processional), play the ceremony music, and the recessional.  They play both traditional classical and instrumental wedding music along with more contemporary songs as specified by you.  If you have a song in mind that we don’t already play, we can learn it!  If needed, we can provide a lapel microphone for the officiant and microphones for any readers.

We often add the cello to accompany the band during the cocktail/dinner hour set.  This allows the band to have an incredible unique acoustic sound that you won't find anywhere else!


We have a few options for ways that we can complete your event.  Want an all-out, calling the paramedics because everyone is exhausted party?  We have the option to do continuous 3-hours of live music.

For larger events, we also work with a production company to offer an enhanced lighting show with full stage trussing and additional light movers, blinders, and water-based hazers.  

We can greatly enhance the look of the room with our wireless (no power cables required) up lights with a white wash or a custom color to match you wedding colors or decor.  

We can customize a package that includes some combination of the three listed.  Contact us about your event and we can talk about what might work best for you!