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Acoustic Production is based in the heart of Houston, Texas and services the surrounding region.
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Reception Contract Questionnaire

Thank you for choosing Danny Ray and the Acoustic Production for your event!  Please use the form below to send us information so that we can put together the contract.  We frequently receive the primary details now (event date, location, name, contact information) and are sent others later.  If there are any questions you do not know or things to be determined, feel free to leave them blank or indicate "TBD."  More than anything else, we want to make sure we've got your date on our calendar and we get the needed musicians reserved!  

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Event Date
Event Date
Will any portion of event be taking place outside?
Band Size
The "band size" is the size of the band during the dancing portion of the reception. Most often it's 6, 8, or 10-piece. When playing as a 7-piece band or larger we also have a sound engineer to assist with the mix of having an additional vocalist on stage.
If none of the above, please enter desired ensemble below. For example "ACOUSTIC 4-PIECE (male vocals/acoustic guitar, bass, bongos/percussion, cello)" or "guitarist/vocalist and cellist duet"
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