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Acoustic Production is based in the heart of Houston, Texas and services the surrounding region.
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What Makes Us Different


No frills

Every interaction we have with our clients are authentic.  From 2013-2015 Danny was one of the primary singers for a local wedding band agency.  Think of it as the difference between playing pickup basketball where you show up and meet other basketball players versus having a team that you practice with.  This means that the band is tighter, song transitions are quicker, and Danny never has to stick to the setlist he sends out the week of the show as they have the full 300+ song at their disposal at any moment.  You also work directly with the band.  The work you see on the website is a true representation of the band.  We're not an agency where we have different musicians from week to week.  This means we can seamlessly move from song to song and keep the dance floor packed.  If you're hiring a photographer you want to see their work.  When hiring a band you want to see that exact band in action.  And while we have 2 or 3 sax players we use and a few different female vocalists, for 90% of our events we have the same musicians as the week before.

We get it

We never want to fall into the category of a band that does the same tricks and gimmicks every week.  We're going to sound fresh, read the room, play song mashups that no one's ever heard before.  How can we be that band that when someone mentions your wedding 10 years from now, they say, “remember how incredible that band was!  That was one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to!”  That's our goal!


Put us in a room full of strangers, we can get people dancing, put give us a chance to get to know you, we can create something magical.  That’s what we intend to do.  We’re not satisfied by playing the exact same songs every week.  


We care about everything

The majority of the events we play at are a combined production of several vendors all playing a part; caterers, florists, photographers, decor.  We take that into consideration in our every move.  From having a coordinated band look in matching ties and suspenders to experimenting with the backline, stage, and dance floor lighting colors until we get it right.  We want to make sure we're doing everything we can to make sure that not only is the dance floor jumping, but everything looks great live and in photos.


Having been in the wedding industry since 2009, we've seen both the wide-range of types of events and the amount of diversity in the types of music people respond to.  That informs our ability to read a room.  Also Danny has spent 2-3 nights a week for the past 8 years at local bars and restaurants meaning that he's very adept at reading a crowd and knowing when to turn it on.