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Acoustic Production is based in the heart of Houston, Texas and services the surrounding region.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your band different?

Our belief is that we shouldn't have to play the exact same 50 songs every week to get a dance floor going.  The music we play should reflect YOUR personality and preferences.  The best thing we can hear from clients at the end of an event is, "you were even better than what we could have imagined for ourselves!"  As a result, we take a personalized approach to understanding what type music you and your friends/guests LOVE. Based on what clients have wanted, we've done weddings where most of the music we've played has been before 1980, others where we play a ton of 80s and 90s rock (Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Counting Crows, Third Eye Blind), and of course weddings where everyone wants to get down so we do more top 40, 90s-current hip-hop, and funk.  The music that can get a room of people partying and dancing doesn't always have to be the same!  

If you have any preconceived notions about what a wedding band has always been to get dancing going, go ahead and throw those away!  The band plays a TON of custom unique song mashups where we’ve crafted together portions of songs that will have guests screaming and singing at the top of their lungs at each quick song transition. Utilizing those mashups, our 300+ song song-list, our experience in knowing what types of music different groups will respond to, and the hundreds of solo acoustic guitarist/vocalist shows Danny has played over the years, we're able to cultivate something that is going to be a one-of-a-kind experience unique to you and your guests. 

For 95% of our events, we have the same musicians as the week before and the difference in a consistent band lineup is enormous.   The band is tighter, song transitions are quicker, and the overall end result is that we're having a blast on stage!  If we want you to have fun, we should be having fun too!  You can think of it as the difference between playing pickup basketball, where you show up and meet other basketball players, versus having a team that you practice and work on running plays together.  We've got plays ... lots of them.

How do you accommodate multicultural weddings?

Live music is a great way to bring a wide range of cultures together and we've been a part of many weddings with a wide-range of cultures!  We have a very large Latin/Spanish repertoire and Danny has learned and performed songs before in Japanese, Hebrew, French, and Filipino. But in addition to performing in other languages, our DJ can use the time during dinner or on band breaks to play a different style of music.  Based on weddings we've done in the past where clients have sent us songs, we've have playlists made for Vietnamese, Persian, Indian, Spanish, Chinese, and French music.

What are the advantages of hiring a band?

Live music is a great way to connect with everyone and add excitement to any venue. Even before the dancing begins, live music adds energy to the room.  Regardless of whether you're planning a wedding, private party, or some type of corporate event, the addition of great live music will ensure that everyone is still partying at the end of the night.  In fact, for the many of our private parties, there's such a good vibe going at the end of the night, that we're often asked to play later. 

What equipment do you provide for an event?

Our goal is to make sure that we are one less thing to worry about, so we provide ANYTHING we can to make the event a success.  This means a full sound system for the band at receptions and a smaller sound system for ceremonies; both set-ups are tailored to your venue.  We always have wireless microphones at receptions for toasts and announcements, and if playing the ceremony, we can provide a wireless lapel microphone for the officiant and/or readers all at no extra charge as part of playing the ceremony.  We provide dynamic dance floor lighting and have a DJ set up for keeping background music going during dinner and dance music during band breaks.

For events greater than 500 guests, please let us know as we have several full-service sound and production companies with whom we work.

How long are the band’s sets?

A typical dance set is 50 minutes but we are very accommodating for what works best for the schedule.  There have been times when a dinner took longer than expected so we played a full hour and a half set to close out the night.  Once the energy is up, there’s no sense in stopping it!  The dinner and cocktail hour sets are usually shorter to accommodate other announcements.  After booking with us, we work with you on the order of events for the evening and plan the sets accordingly.  However, we understand that most events are fluid and it’s hard to anticipate how long a dinner or a toast will take.  Our belief is that if something is running behind and playing one long set would be much more energetic than two shorter sets, then we will choose the longer set.  

Do you need a stage and if so, what size?

We want whatever looks best for your event so we do not require a stage. However, a stage provides a great aesthetic, allows the lights to be more dynamic, and the band really excels at moving around on a stage (and at times, jumping off and getting among the guests). We are flexible with how we set up but here are some ideal dimensions.

5-7-piece band - 12 x 16 stage
8-9-piece band - 12 x 20 stage
10-12-piece band - 16x24 stage
13-14-piece band - 16x28 stage.  

Again on account of the whole band playing wirelessly, we are very flexible with our setup and can work in a range of sizes. For a large room, a bigger stage that extends the full-width of the dance floor, looks more appealing.

How do you decide what to play?

Music is crucial to setting the tone for the type of event you are having and it’s also very personal. We start with a consultation with you (whether by phone or in person) where we get an idea of your preferences, any special songs, and the energy you are wanting at the event.  Just getting to know you helps.  We also have a very easy "SETTING THE PERFECT MOOD THROUGH MUSIC - RECEPTION QUESTIONNAIRE" on the client-end of our website where you can let us know the types of music you like.  This is the starting point where we know what you will respond to.  We have a great repertoire of songs that we know work well for each occasion, but the biggest indicator is all visual.  Watching what people react to and gauging the mood and feel of the room all play a part in determining both what to play and when to play it. 

What happens when the band is on a break?

We have background music playing through a computer during any breaks.  Danny’s years of experience DJing weddings comes in to play as he is uses his customized DJ software to keep the party going.

What type of lighting services do you offer?

The appearance of the band and the room is always very important to us, so we always include dance floor and stage lighting with each reception/event package.  We also offer wireless ambient uplighting as an additional package.  We have a more developed option with full upstage (back of stage) trussing with additional lights and have developed a couple specific packages with some fantastic production companies to run an even more dynamic show.

We would like to have classical music for the ceremony and contemporary music during dinner at the reception, would this be possible?

Absolutely, we can pick and choose what style of music you would like and when.

If you are playing at the reception, the ceremony, and a cocktail hour, how do you transition between the two locations?

We use two to three sound set ups based on what is required and set up each in advance.  If guests are moving from one area to another, we make sure that we have the musicians in place from one room to the next so that there’s always music where they are. During band breaks or times when you wish not to have live music going, we always have background music running into the system through our DJ.

What size band do you play in most often?

For wedding receptions, we usually play in one of three sizes, an 8, 10, or a 12-piece band (with 8 and 10 being the most common).  An 8-piece band includes male vocals, female vocals, bass, drums, lead guitar, keys, saxophone, and trumpet.  When moving to an 10-piece we add another female vocalist (for 3 total lead vocalists) and our trombonist for a full 3-piece horn section. As a 12-piece we add either a 4th lead vocalist or a 4th horn and a percussionist for an even more grooving rhythm section. We can also add musicians up to a 14-piece and can partner with other entertainers.

We also often play as a 6-piece with Danny on vocals and saxophone and do a bass, drums, keys, guitar/vocals 4-piece quite frequently for smaller corporate events and private parties.

Do you travel to events outside of the Houston area?

Yes.  In addition to areas ALL around Houston, we are frequently in the Texas Hill Country area (Austin & San Antonio) and have also traveled to New Orleans, DFW, El Paso, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, Ohio, Washington D. C., Illinois, and South Carolina for weddings and events.  We're still holding out for that reception in Fiji :).